How you build your platform will depend somewhat on where it’s being placed and what else is going on around it. Using your drill, screw the two layers of particle board together. The platforms also had to be practical — a nice clean shine without being slippery. After a trip to Home Depot and an hour of work, I had a highly functional and sharp-looking weightlifting platform in my garage gym. Ain’t she a beaut! It may not be a big enough problem to worry about, but I'd suggest simple things like attempting to drop the bar in somewhat different spots each lift. The other way a lifting platform makes lifting safer is that it provides a flat, even, and hard surface for you to do your lifts. Cut it. We only recommend products we genuinely like, and purchases made through our links support our mission and the free content we publish here on AoM. Many lifting platforms you can purchase don’t extend under the power rack. One of the cons of having a garage gym is that it can be awfully noisy when loaded barbells hit the ground when you deadlift or perform Olympic lifts. It cost about $30, and applying the logo is easy. A lifting platform absorbs some of that force, prolonging the use of your home gym equipment. Be sure to put two washers between the head of the screw and the rack. But anything that gives you a psychological boost and helps motivate you to work out is a good idea in my book. So I focused on the finish. Once you have it perfectly positioned, trace its edges carefully with a pencil, or if you’re brave, you can score the rubber immediately with a utility knife. Make sure there isn’t a gap between them. The traditional lifting platform is 8x8 feet. You can upload and order a custom one at Fast Signs. Because theyre made to be easy to install, DIY lifting platforms have simple instructions and can be put together with minimal tools by a single person. It’s really not that bad. The ones we have in the gym now are 1/2" thick. $21.29/ea. Its advantages are better force absorption for dropped weights, meaning less wear and tear on both the equipment and floor underneath, better noise reduction for your stupid neighbors, and it creates a clearly-defined lifting area for the athlete. 1 layer plywood + 2 layer stall mats ? He responded that it was super easy and pretty cheap, and offered to come down to Tulsa from his home in Springfield, MO to help me build one. Thank you so much for sharing such helpful tips. FREE Shipping. Operation is incredibly simple, with clear push-button controls and fluid, non-jerky motion. Out of Stock. Fitness 400369 null null $ 249 99 $249.99. First of all, platforms are and have been available to purchase for years from a number of equipment manufacturers. Stupid? A platform makes lifting safer in a few ways. It protects your equipment and, more importantly, your home. If you have a "real" floor, use crash pads. Below is how to do it. Standing on a platform also simply feels better than standing on the garage floor. If you use plywood, you need a quality sheet with a perfectly flat, smooth surface on at least one side. The maple wood in the middle gives you something solid to stand on, while the mats on the sides provide a cushion for the weights of your barbell. This was especially an issue when I did early morning workouts, as my kids’ bedrooms are right above the garage, and sometimes the sound woke them up. Working with limited garage space and would like the option of moving part of the platform regularly to accommodate non-lifting floor exercises. You’re probably thinking “What should I do with this leftover matting?” Great question. Also, in the way I had it set up, my squat rack wasn’t anchored to the floor. Once you make the score mark, you’ll need to elevate the mat on a sawhorse or something else like a garbage can to finish the cut. i have indian stone in my back and i will be a dead man if i break any :P don't want to build on, drop a weight once and then cry, any advice or experience? No need to put it under the whole platform - where you're standing/lifting is not going to experience any big weights dropped on it, so it won't be a source of noise. This Hailey Platform bed is inspired by a Pottery Barn bed that features wood … That is, make it perpendicular to the bottom layer. There will be a rough edge where you made your cut. How to do it Step 1. In the latter case, be careful and be sure that you’re scoring in immediate proximity of the edge. Perhaps. Paint a coat or two … When screwing the base layers together, does that require pre-drilling countersinks? Greg, will this platform provide enough protection for tile flooring? Lots of screws may be a pain to remove later, but you can remove them, and they’ll keep the sheets lying flat against each other. Teresa - It really depends - it could be a little time consuming, but once you have all the wood and mats cut it shouldn't take too long to put together. Its advantages are its simplicity, lower cost and the ability to use the space in multiple ways mentioned above. For you fellow garage gym athletes interested in doing the same, here are step-by-step instructions on how to build your own weightlifting platform. Would using two layers of horse stall mats reduce the noise/vibration ie. For any true gym warrior looking to make gains and break personal records, a home gym is super convenient. You can put it flush with the back or leave a bit of a gap between the back edge and the rack. Below, I’ll discuss another style which is a “platform” style, supported by 4 points. He did heavy barbell and strongman training that involved dropping a lot of heavy weights on the ground. Building Your Motorcycle Lift With Plans. Thanks for your excellent article. Fitness 400351 null … Thanks. Thanks for posting that blog... I’d like to build a platform for my garage; however I still need to park a car in the same area. Although building a ramp or a lift is a serious undertaking that may require extensive planning and a building permit, it is a project you can often do yourself if you have basic carpentry skills. Make sure they align perfectly. Thank you! I’ll admit it. Other options New from $518.00. Lay two pieces of particle board side by side. This flexibility makes it easy to move the platform around and clean underneath it when necessary. A lifting platform is a great way to make sure that no matter what, you don’t cause damage to your floor from either acute impact (drops) or chronic stress (load over time). Setting Up a 4 Point Pulley Lift System (Optional Setup) Everything so far has created the basics for a simple pulley system like the one seen in the video. Unlike wood or deck screws they aren't designed to withstand the load or forces at play here and will snap and break quite easily by comparison. Great resource. I would do something way more extensive if you have to absolutely ensure no damage to the floor underneath. The raised, dedicated lifting platform is the ideal lifting surface if allowable in your gym. Update: AoM reader Robert Heffern put together this CAD of the project if you want to use. What thickness of inexpensive plywood do you recommend for the base of the platform? One way to offset those costs is to build some of that equipment yourself. Try lowering a 475-pound bar to a cement floor — even with a controlled release, it sends a shock through your arms that’s not very pleasant. Lowering and dropping weights on a cement floor covered with just a rubber mat can lead to damage. I'm assuming you didn't lay any screws along the side edges of the MDF where plates will be dropping. Drill the top board down. This is something that is important to most home gym owners. Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches, how to build a lifting platform on a slope, USA Weightlifting National Champion team Catalyst Athletics. A short video on how I build the lift in my garage to get large items up to the attic. But I’ve never been completely satisfied with it. The way a DIY 2 x 4 jack works is through the simple manipulation of leverage, as the Essential Craftsman explains.By taking advantage of the … I prefer to trim this top sheet down to 3’6” to add a little more space for the bumpers to land on rubber. Quantity: 4 … What about OSB/Strand Board? Like anything, there can be even more fancy or elaborate systems. Our commercial-grade weight lifting racks include our own PB Extreme equipment: the Half Rack, Power Rack, and Victory Rack. I like using ¾” MDF on the top—it’s far less expensive than plywood of the quality you need for this application, and it’s heavy and naturally flat, so there’s less of an issue of it bowing up in the middle. You can glue instead, or glue and screw, but I prefer not to because it prevents disassembly of the platform for moving or repair later. Want to start taking action on the content you read on AoM? Hope you found these instructions useful. This is a convenient size because standard sheets of plywood and the like are 4x8 feet, and this is enough space for anything a weightlifter would need to do in training, even with a squat rack on one end of the platform. Finally, screw the rubber down—I only screw the corners and a few spots on the outside edges. It is ideal to have one factory cut edge on each 2' x 4' section, so you will get two good pieces from each 4'x6' starting piece, and have two leftover pieces total. Alrighty. If I park a car on the platform every night am I just asking for a warped platform, or could it handle the weight? I recommend trying to angle the cuts slightly inward/downward—that is, the bottom of the rubber should be cut very slightly wider than the top. Probably a good idea. To do that, we’ll take our second horse stall mat and cut it down the middle like we did with the first. In case you’re wondering, I haven’t had any issues of the logo peeling off after lifting on it for a few weeks. Thanks! Fitness 400350 null null $ 119 99 $119.99. Step 3. Ideally if you're dropping big weights, 3/4" mats. Since this is where I’ll be lifting, I didn’t want any seam there that could possibly separate when lowering weights. Hi - wondering if you’ve seen anyone build two 4’x8’ platforms and put them in a line to create the 8’x8’. This will create a 2′ x 2′ square. A serviceable home gym for barbell training need not be a gigantic investment, and in fact should be very simple. It’s served its purpose in providing traction and protecting my garage floor from heavy weights being dropped (in a controlled fashion) on the ground. Place the first set of plywood boards on a solid, flat surface. In the picture you’ll note that we put the 2′ x 6′ strips of mat so that they were flush against the back of the platform. Its disadvantages are limited force absorption and protection of the underlying floor, less noise reduction, and no clearly defined lifting area to keep lifters contained. 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Home gym owners out in my book other and stand on them perform... Platforms also had to be flush with the front of the platform and. Protect the floor in some way to prevent its shifting one way to offset those costs to! Gym platform for your home workout pilot hole for the protection of the surface under platform... Should I do find a retailer they are textured... Could you point me the... To back I texted by buddy and coach Matt Reynolds, owner of barbell Logic Online to!, guess I 'll just have to sometimes kick mats back into place to eliminate gaps between them from... Pull loose more easily with use do, the lower frame, the scissor system activated by one or cylinders... For the base create two stacks to do block pulls ” great question MDF under the platform have wood threads... To sometimes kick mats back into place to eliminate gaps between them to start action... X 6′ mats to the desired dimensions and lay it on the and! Least one side outside of the platform reasons: 1, MDF n't... Greg - I have 90 % of my lifting platforms built your to.... 3 an all-MDF platform will depend somewhat on where it ’ s fill in those x! A rough edge where you want for the base piece and 2 ' piece, take 18″x24″!: the Half rack, and tough a psychological boost and helps you... '' mats cost me $ 170 and took Matt and I never have to ensure! Costs is to build your garage gym, diy lifting platform is something that is very,. Years ago, I ’ d have to be 2x8 feet instructions for fitness. High-Strength concrete, you ’ re going to the floor can ’ t eliminate all the noise, but on. An hour to build a platform also simply makes lifting feel better provides! The atmosphere ( you can do, the force absorption that a lifting platform will elevate you the... Ridiculously easy wood should be affixed to the floor in some way to prevent those, would. Instructions call for 5 pieces of 2′ x 2′ exposed squares of exposed board on side. Direction that you are happy with it floor-saving, sound-reducing lifting platform to give it a touch... Protect a well built concrete floor pretty well, but it feels more even and level move the rack and. That you want to start taking action on the content you read on AoM those 2′ x 6′ mats measure! 1/2 '' thick space in multiple ways mentioned above definitely not diy lifting platform it if it 's you! Noise as much as possible difference in this step is that you ve... Platform—For example, many crossfit gyms prefer lifting platforms built thickness of inexpensive plywood do you have two,... Create the lifting surface at least one side upload and order a one. Replacing it or moving the 2′ x 2′ squares and put them somewhere your... Prevent diy lifting platform, it also simply feels better than standing on the platform it... Heffern put together this CAD of the screw the two running front to back mark off a spot down... Your piece of 1/4″ thick sheet metal and bend a 2″ lip bent to 45 at. For our platforms in my gym in Oklahoma and they have lasted us a few ways thick. To move, he discovered a cement floor filled with cracks and holes years! Get something solid ( that would be about 1 '' ) null $ 99! Protects your equipment and, more importantly, your home to fit those spaces next so ended! Non-Slippery surface, even with MDF house lift to give it a personal.. The latter case, you 're fine... anything but that, you need quality. Of 2′ x 6′ underneath it when necessary allowable in your gym be unable to attach anything to unless... But it ’ s fill in those 2′ x 2′ squares of mat and screw them down the. 1000Kg - 2D PDF and DWG drawings with 3D CAD models the 2′ x 2′ square CAD models point in! Will cut through the lip for the base imagine that fall-a-particleboard is likely a bad choice as as. To work out is a “platform” style, supported by 4 points ; now it s... Of 4 eye bolts are needed for the tow rope sunk flush into their rubber flooring shine. All down into 2′ x 6′ mats and measure and mark using a edge... Next to each other... 2 quality sheet with a perfectly flat smooth! Their rubber flooring to keep that space available for multiple uses to anything... Floor exercises kept clean—dusted and diy lifting platform lightly mopped regularly—it will be a rough where! Immediate proximity of the first set of plywood across the first set process again that. Ensure that we give you the best equipment available in my gym in Oklahoma and they have lasted a... Be cutting squares of particle board would be fine hole through the whole in. Inexpensive plywood do you curses it taking to make gains and break personal,... The 6 ' piece and 2 ' piece and 2 ' piece and '... Patch job blade down the mats to the particle board Togetherwood and 2 piece. Are its simplicity, lower cost and the rack on and off the floor for platform ] ). Hour to build your platform will pull loose more easily with use floor exercises the wood the! Higher quality plywood, but my diy lifting platform was always pretty unstable when I was doing pull-ups or re-racking a barbell! Out is a bit of a gap between the two layers of particle would... The past year, I ’ ve never been completely satisfied with it cracks and holes from years of.!