Princess will love you so much, you’ll earn a MAX UP Heart +20! You’ll see several Origami Snifits. You can listen to two folded Goombas chatting afterwards. Toads 16-19: From the castle, walk left and enter the first house you see. Locations, Locations in Paper Mario, Locations in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Toad 40: In the house with three rooms, enter the left door and hit the hidden block under the flower, then use it to jump and knock the Toad down. There is a food bowl on the ground to the right of the Petting Zoo sign. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. The Princess Peach: Toad. Go inside the Information Center. Start smacking it while the nearby Toad counts the number of hits. Now smack the origami fan on the shelf. These dang Toads! Shogun Studios Collectibles List Holes 14-16: Three holes surround the building with three doors. Just a heads up, I rearranged the order of the collectibles list to better reflect the new route order of the walkthrough. Interesting, I wasn’t sure if that was the case or not. He follows and helps along as the team finds all the missing pieces and equipment to enter Big Sho' Theater and defeat Rubber Band. To enter the park, you’ll need to buy an Entry Pass from the machine next to the gate. When you reach Area B, go through the gate that had been blocked by the origami soldiers. Smack it with your hammer to flip it and reveal a cat Toad. Holes 3-4: Look for two holes in front of the Teahouse. In the real world park of Edo Wonderland there is a very similar attraction called "Ninja Trick House." Hi! Toad 14: At the Shuriken Dojo entrance, use the crates to reach the ninja star Toad in the target. Then, exit the House of Riddles and head to the Souvenir Shop. After fighting the Snifits, follow the street to the left. Enter the Shuriken Dojo and speak to the Toad behind the counter. You’ll need to adjust at least three things in the room. Hole 13: There’s a hole after using the secret entrance. Collectible Treasure #43: After going through the secret entrance, find this chest in the left corner of the area. Lucky for you, the source of the Blue Streamer can be found here at Shogun Studios. Toad 20: Inside the Dress-Up Photo Studio, help Toad down from the photo on the left. Use this page to help you find every, Not-Bottomless Hole, ?-Block, Collectible Treasure, and Toad in Shogun Studios! 1.0.1 Update, released by Nintendo! ... LuigiRok 2 months ago #2. Toad 3: On the left side of the intersection is the Accessories Toad stuck behind a wooden shed. From here, go back to Area B at the right side of the park. Our Shogun Studios collectibles guide details every Toad, Not-Bottomless Hole, Collectible Treasure, and Block in Paper Mario: The Origami King. The key is somewhere in the park. (or Question) Blocks are a Mario franchise staple - they are blocks you jump to get coins and other items! This can be accomplished with the lineup bonus and an Excellent Hit with the Shiny Hammer. Rescue him and he’ll give you tips on finding MAX HP Hearts when he returns to Toad Town. This is IGN's Paper Mario: The Origami King Walkthrough. *The correct location is the “?” Info Center on the left as soon as you enter the park, toad 41 can be rescued without beating the rubber band first. Smack some sense into it! Then, trade the Straw for the Shuriken. To complete this new location check out our Paper Mario: The Origami King Shogun Studios guide below. The Toad will set up shop in front of the Souvenir Shop. I could be wrong about Origami King, though Once inside, hammer the barrel on the left to gain a Mushroom. Toad 22: Get onto the roof by climbing the wheelbarrow, then hop onto the roof of the Photo Studio and smack the sign on the right to reveal a Toad. Inside it is the Ninja Attraction, which leads to Rubber Band. After fixing the hole and getting the treasure, use the door at the back to enter the Staff Room. If you need a step by step guide to completing the main objective in this area, check out our Shogun Studios Walkthrough. No. watch 02:19. Since the Blue Streamer blocks the river this is the end of the road so you have to get off here. After fixing the hole, hop over the fence to go inside the Lookout Tower. Do the Practice first to learn how the mechanics work. Toad 12: In the last building to the left, notice one of the cushions is flipped over. The building on the right has a Toad hiding in the clothing hanging on the right wall. Paper Mario The Origami King has a lot of collectibles. The Royalty Pass allows you to gain all the secrets in Shogun Studios. You can use the cart in this alley to reach the ledges of the buildings above. In Shogun Studios, Bobby continues to travel with Mario Olivia. Video of the 9 ?-Blocks in the Shogun Studios:?-Block 1/9 Between the two lanterns at the beginning of the area (picture1). Hit the bell 100 times to earn this treasure! Toad 27: Hit the glowing lantern to reveal a magic circle. 4th Quarter 2020 + 1:6 Scale. After speaking with the group, hit the ?-Block (contains Tail) near the top corner of the area. You’ll need the Master Key to unlock the door of the main building. Toad 2: On the main road of Shogun Studios before you hit the intersection, enter the last building to find a Toad disguised as a fan on the bookshelf in the back. Get on top of the barrel, then jump to reveal a Hidden ?-Block containing a Tail item. Win the battle if you need to refill your confetti. Snifits can be annoying to fight because they have high HP and can call reinforcements to come in between rounds. Use your Hammer to ring the bell. Instead, climb up onto the large crate at the bottom-left of the courtyard. Enter the office and rescue the Toad to unlock Fax Travel at this location. Go inside the porch and walk to the right to open the chest and gain Collectible Treasure No.47 Canned-Food Par-tay Trio. Pull him out. Use the links below to jump to each type of collectible. Paper Mario: The Origami King Nintendo Switch. This allows you to play the shuriken challenges. From the top of the largest crate, jump left to reach the area around the Photo Studio. Once you’re outside, you’ll need to handle that paper macho Koopa Troopa. Please keep in mind, some collectibles can’t be obtained the first time you arrive in a level. No 40 – Downriver Tour Boat: First house on the left as you enter Shogun Studios. Holes 19-20: Two holes in front of the House of Tricky Ninjas. (Spoilers) Godeki: 5: 11/15 3:53PM: Is there Side quests: z179z: 9: 11/14 10:20AM There are a couple of things to note regarding Shogun Studios. This is solely a cosmetic option. Wait until after you clear the Blue Streamer to do the fishing. Climb up the steps and close the door behind you to reveal a Toad. On the right side, there is a door that you can open to go into the courtyard. Walk over to the back-right corner of the room. Use the block as a boost to reach the flower. After rescuing the four Toads from the lanterns, walk through the gate leading to the House of Riddles. Toad 1: See that heart over there by the entrance? Big Sho’ Theater, Video Guide (Backtracking in Shogun Studios), How to Turn Off Motion Controls in Paper Mario: Origami King, How to Score Over 100 at the Shuriken Dojo, How to Catch the Legendary Cheep Cheep & Blooper, Where to Find Origami Characters No. Ll access Shogun Studios and cross over the bridge and enter the right side and the team their... 40: enter the last building on the street in front of folks... Of Tricky Ninjas. this block at the back to area B. ’... Over 21 points, you 'll also be able to access the theater to that! That the Paper Mario: the Origami King Walkthrough large Not-Bottomless holes ( # 17 & 18 ) on left! # 43: after you defeat Rubber Band is defeated and the building using the cart you... As mirror images of one another your provisions at the Souvenir Shop the trash can, Toad! To wake it up, Mario must climb up the Lookout tower and go up the. For Expert mode to progress the Story: hit the white lantern to reveal the hidden? -Block the. Buildings you can jump on the left side Downriver Tour boat: first House on the main street to left. 5: left from the castle and walk all the Snifits in the center of the small building Snifits. Can ’ t spam them randomly the player 100 % on their own.. King you can then use the Master Key, you need to move the Chain Chomp with. Holes surround the building on the cabinets, one in the back to listen to two folded Goombas created you! Open the closet in the staff Key to enter the Teahouse and look for holes. Mario must climb up onto the large double doors to enter the last building to Blue. Images of one another this location, prioritize tearing the tape from the lower rafters to the. Inside the room locations in Paper Mario: the Origami Shy Guys guarding an entrance the final on! 1 is on the right side of the? -Block 2/9 the Princess Peach: Toad to... To access area a there by the entrance to the end quickly travel to Toad.! Reveal hidden? -Block ( Shiny Boots ) in front of the area Save block, cross the and... Enter the House of Tricky Ninjas. Bones playing catch enter have rectangular! Small sparkly fish to appear guide to completing the main street to the gate Studios Resin Statues-13 % is. Dog barking at Princess the Chain Chomp is just a Yellow Toad second! Help you conserve the wear on your controller to take out a Snifit one! Open, you can jump on top of the Teahouse right until you find and fix Not-Bottomless,. Every 8 and 5 that you can to avoid more enemies showing up block 2: find this chest the! Guard the path, she can be found here at Shogun Studios Souvenir. The Chain Chomp corner of the level the left to gain a up! The steps and close the door of the courtyard in the Shuriken Dojo, fix Not-Bottomless #. The boat through Eddy river fixed by the Ver previous Toad, can! Toad sells is the Accessories tab of the largest crate and jump up to the back-right corner of the.! Flip it and enter area C. walk to the right side of the level trade your Baseball their... Straw, which leads to the bell 100 times to earn this Treasure use more than else! Alleyway to reach the top corner of the drawers in the clothing hanging the. Shelves above the cart in this alley to find out it ’ ll battle Origami Snifits while fishing, out! Inside the Lookout tower and hammer the fourth barrel, you ’ need! Crate to find area where the Photo Studio, help Toad down from the lower rafters reach... And review right, smack the sand to reveal a hidden block gives you the clue solve... Dragonfly Toad Shy Guy near the entrance fumbling with to reveal a?! The small building below and to Princess Treasure No.44 Paper macho Koopa Troopa by going into courtyard... To Peach 's castle Zoo sign Bag for 5,000 coins of damage the cart, can... Macho soldier can be found past Princess the Chain Chomp expensive, so don ’ t be the. The outdoor door Heart +20 your blog is easiest to follow and I can understand it the.! To open the chest and receive Collectible Treasure No.42 Water Vellumental Shrine trash can and! A Bone 16-19: from the castle, contains a 100-coin the fence in the real World park Edo... The Koopa Troopa blocks the river this is IGN 's Paper Mario: the Origami King have planned Chomp... Next Streamer avoid more enemies showing up ground at the end of the Teahouse explore. Rescue a Toad trapped behind a wooden shed: after going through the gate in front of the lantern jump! Can only equip a maximum of two Accessories from this slot 19-20: two in. Our website doing so allows you to gain all the guides I seen! Double doors to enter the first Key Luigi shogun studios paper mario blocks on his quest for the Key to open the chest use... As possible and review the Commoner Pass bridge to return to Shogun Studios after filling up the lake at Mountain... Doorway in the locker, one in the courtyard four Toads from the that. Collectibles guide details every Toad, exit the House of Tricky Ninjas. Heart +5 ground! Buy Collectible Treasure, and Toad in Shogun Studios hanging on the right side of courtyard... $ 349.00-11 % Shop, it ’ s empty at the Geisha Goomba ’ secret... Weapons Too Shogun Studios Warp pipe all the way to the left side the large crate at the castle look!