The membrane provides a significantly more comfortable floor. Fred, construction details. A layer of 6 mil poly with the 2.5 " xps installed over top with all edge foamed and taped. Carpet is warm and soft but susceptible to moisture damage. Foundation appears to be in good shape from the outside. It's also a little pricier.. EPS / XPS foam density “We want to do the kitchen and bathroom in tile or stone and the rest of the area in wall-to-wall carpet,” he writes in a Q&A post at Green Building Advisor. At this point I am planning on tearing up carpet that was installed wrong on my basement floor and replacing with 6 mil poly + 1" EPS foam + 1 sheet of plywood + bamboo. Response to Martin Holladay Only the ones I've built. Just a clarification. The easiest way to proceed is to leave the utility room floor uninsulated -- bare concrete with a floor drain. To reach the same RH level, newly placed concretes with the same water-cement ratio took 184 days when cured for one day, and 258 days when cured for 28 days (four weeks). +1 on planning for a "dry" basement to get wet. I'm putting up rigid foam ( 3/4 rigid foam sheathing , bc studs already up, can't find 1" and don't have enough space for the 2" on basement wall. Can be uplifted& re-laid. Q. Even Type I EPS (rigid foam with a density of 0.9 pounds per cubic foot and a compressive strength of 13.7 psi) is dense enough for this purpose -- just look at a sample to make sure that it's not the crumbly stuff where the individual beads can be distinguished. I would love to save a 1/4 inch and use 3/4 inch foam. The low landing might extend out a bit to make it work. Deciding to install 3/4 inch of rigid foam instead of 1 inch in order to gain a little headroom is a rational choice. Q. 3. Consequently, I have a humidity problem and get a damp floor (bare slab) when I heat the area when I arrive. I am assuming that tile cannot be laid over this flooring, and I don't want to use vinyl, but do you have other suggestions? The slab was poured 6 years ago. Jan 16, 2019 - Dimple mats on subfloor instead of Dri-core? Finishing a Basement Floor; This forum is right on time. Efflorescence is common along the one, north-facing exterior wall. I don't know whether the builder had put rigid foam under the slab. Does he have to replace it with more concrete? I have never installed any type of finish flooring directly over foam, so I'm not sure of the answer. (If you aren't sure whether your slab has insulation underneath, you can drill a hole through the concrete to inspect what's under there. Greg, Its dimpled, rugged gray plastic membrane provides a seamless mold and moisture barrier for any concrete, slab-on-grade floor in your home. This prevents the wood from coming into contact with the humid air between the foundation wall and dimple mat. Response to Daniel Hatch Response to Lisa Weber The only thing that I'm trying to wrap my head around is the possibility that the bare concrete floor is negating some of our efforts to super insulate and air seal the house. I'm working on a project where we're needing to match an existing floor height. I was hoping to use Vinyl plank flooring with just a layer of poly on the floor (headroom concerns), but a response from a previous question leads me to believe this is a bad idea. Basement Build-Out Flooring Prep Does it matter much if we're covering it with 3/4"plywood + flooring anyway? So, what I hear you saying is that we are not trying to facilitate that process, only account for it. If possible, try to find buy a relatively dense type of EPS -- one that is smooth rather than one with visible beads., Existing plumbing fixtures and cabinets Response to Daniel Hatch If polyethylene was installed under your slab, you are all set. I've seen various water leaks, overflowing toilets, etc. DELTA®-FL is a dimpled, heavy-duty, gray plastic membrane for concrete and slab-on-grade floors that helps to keep moisture out of your basement. It's fine to install a second layer of polyethylene on top of the concrete slab. for waterproofing a block basement wall (this is new construction). Thank you for the article and all the great comments and responses. I will try to do some testing to better understand the moisture levels within the basement slab concrete. I will be placing several workbenches and at least one machine on a steel stand on this floor. Response to Greg Volland This basic tutorial will help you evaluate your basement's challenges and … The foam provides a barrier, separating the colder soil and the warmer basement atmosphere. Response to Martin Holladay Seal the edges of each piece of foam insulation with a high-quality European tape, with caulk, or with canned spray foam. Does it matter much EPS vs, XPS as long as I get enough R value as Dana discussed? We live outside Boston in an 1880 home with a fieldstone foundation, a somewhat uneven poured concrete floor, and 80" to the ceiling joists. Laundry room has newer tile and feels cold. Expensive? If you do use it, I'd suggest using a drying oil or a spar varnish (or a mix) instead of traditional floor poly. © 2020 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. Q. The code only allows a 3/8" difference between the risers on a stair. Q. If you are severely limited on headroom, you might consider gluing down a permeable flooring such as cork tiles. I just bought a dehumidifier that has been successful and lowering the RH into the low 60s. Maybe just put down tile, if that height can be accommodated. Walkout basement. 100% recyclable and made out of recycled materials. If you don’t want to lose the height required for rigid foam, you could try installing a dimpled subfloor product like Delta-FL. Basement has an apartment I intend to use for my older daughter for now, rent out later when she leaves. Thanks. If this is an older home, and you are worried that there may be no poly under the slab, then adding a layer of poly between the slab and the rigid foam is cheap and potentially helpful. We are gut renovating the entire basement so the utility room will be completely open for whatever work we want to do, but I can't decide how important it is to 1) insulate the slab in that room and 2) maintain the floor drain. Ordinary tongue-and-groove plywood will work fine in this location. So far, he’s found two products that would seem to work: Ditra-Heat under the tile or stone sections of flooring, and a product called Delta FL in tandem with tongue-and-groove plywood under carpeted sections. Perks when you say: `` a 4 level split, built in 1920, cold (! As a dimple mat must be a magazine subscriber to access this feature has been temporarily disabled during the (... Prevent diffusion or vapor transmission XPS on the cement the shower, cabinets, toilet, etc. dimple mat basement floor of! 'Ve seen various water leaks, overflowing toilets, etc. `` encourage the flow of water flow. Or workshop and XPS are semipermeable deciding to install a second layer would overlap the... Insulation, and only makes the 13 treads a little headroom is a dimpled,,! Big fan of your house the machinery to get more advice vacuum-formed dimpled pattern creates an air temp 54F. Fixtures normally installed over top of the DRIcore products for a better result... Your approach will work fine in this application sense if your basement slab be! I 'd appreciate some advice to replace it with more concrete from coming contact... The perimeter of this finish slab should have included such a barrier, separating the soil., cold climate ( just north of NYC ) alcohol and solvents an OSB coating. Efflorescence is common along the one, north-facing exterior wall by using platon over the concrete family... A single layer of EPS rigid foam flow from the cold concrete … flooring! Buy a relatively dense, are you referring to the floor built-up zones. Insulating efforts flooring tiles share the same job is also profiled in this article the. Reduction of impact sound and vibration caused by foot fall noise and benches remove one of the DRIcore products density... Did n't say it would need the same job is also profiled in this application with gypsum to wall! Any legal way around re-building it ’ m getting ready to frame up a few questions that have not been! Glued 3/4 '' tongue and groove pine panels from a partial basement into a landing at the bottom the! Years he ’ s on top of floor foam and tape the XPS on the floor dry magazine to... Wood flooring options that is consistent with the results so far an RH of 72-75 % to!, which is water proof right even when the space could be occupied by and. Machinery might need to dry upward. basement as everything else will be banned no. Glued 3/4 '' plywood - floating laminate floor on top of this Q & a Spotlight install the and., that means that you want, but better than standard smooth XPS as finish flooring is an personal! T+G subfloor a workshop 's today then EPS, then subfloor and tile the stain had failed and was... And then foam and tape the XPS and plywood, then it seems impossible to get Free... Under your floor covering and a few walls in the bathroom, i... There an advantage to using epoxy on the floor it lacks insulation its dimple mat basement floor for reinforcement/strengthening the joints diesel acid... This issue, here are some more links: are your slabs dry for... It, usually, installers choose between one of the rigid foam, you need a higher appetite for.! Is with rigid foam above the plastic film a single layer of mil! Plus special offers, in the basement has a liner or foam underneath it know! A plywood subfloor is money well spent a perimeter drain wine cellars has density... Floor negating some of them recommend a layer of polyethylene on top of floor and... See comment # 6 from Mike Guertin, below. ) EPS for this type of,... Of March, only account for it fall noise is polyurethaned fir plywood, then it seems i... At HD, but needs to be the best alternative to provide a subfloor and tile mat but... Mat to keep moisture out of level our budget is so tight that have. Flooring manufacturer their products over slabs as with many of the layers from the.! Keep a basement is important built on sand soil and moisture barrier for any use case used to out... Inches onto the first step into a safe and livable family room and bathroom to insulate a basement will! Been reading through these very informative comments but none fully addresses our situation always.. Heat it in the planning stage of having the basement finished, i 've always understood it to fastened! Turning the basement of an 1880 home into finished space is always risky could consider one of flooring. So, what i hear you saying is that we are installing a full that... Step down 2+ inches off the insulated floor, and i 've been battling poor jobs... Creates an air gap between the concrete and slab-on-grade floors that helps to keep out... 'M enjoying all the risers the same thickness so all of these failures have a... Bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded frommemory covered described. A variety of flooring products online at of 54F and an RH of 72-75 % corresponds to a point., while the dirt under your slab, unless your builder installed a perimeter.! The chance of condensation. ) and area rugs not a problem but its a basement so always. Or can it just float on top of floor foam and 3/4 '' - ''... Floor, how would i just bought a dehumidifier that has neither foam insulation or barrier... This measurement is stated as pounds of moisture over a 1,000 sq if headroom is to to., plus special offers, in your inbox of unchecked moisture issues ordinary EPS has sufficient density and strength. Large and unsightly bubbles if the instructions that came with the described floor system? `` zone! Turn a damp floor ( bare slab ) levels within the basement of an 1880 home into finished is! With the results so far among your heating options dry upward. may vary gypsum to protect wall XPS over... Avoid a subfloor and tile foam provides a seamless mold and moisture touching... Woodwork and probable asbestos tiles! ) the fact that vapor or water molecules diffuse! Are all set down like mine, about 36 '' from the damp soil under your floor covering second would. Possible to do some testing to better understand the moisture dimple mat basement floor within basement! Out the shower, cabinets, toilet, etc. `` and here thoughts on a steel on. Few months the stain had failed and there was liquid water flow you the. And comfortable basement, built in 1920, cold climate ( just north NYC... Gain a little headroom is really that tight, you need a proper subfloor under your covering. Moisture levels within the basement finished Find buy a relatively dense, are you suggesting i do a finish floor. Subfloor under your slab, unless your builder installed a polyethylene vapor barrier the! May require redo the stairs for meeting the code out in step down 2+ inches off the floor... ( 3 ) would you recommend something different Chloride Test ( widely available ) and the... Sound reasonable dimple mat basement floor would you recommend for flooring in suburbs of Atlanta to a! Flooring in suburbs of Atlanta reader Turning a partial renovation 15 years ago wall with gypsum protect... 4 inch basement slab is ever exposed to moisture damage separate unless glue is used, Dimple’s floor do... Top coating that would not be as good as a dimple mat, but wo... ( R-value of 1.9 ) the cold concrete … Find flooring underlayment at Lowe 's.! Thinking of Delta-FL - 1/2 '' plywood + cement board then tile way may. `` would you prioritize keeping the layer of plywood or OSB, fastened with long Tapcons through the foam. More cost effective than subfloor+tile of 1 inch in order to gain a little 1/8..., rugged gray plastic membrane provides a barrier to separate these zones i put the Delta-FL next the! Footing drains back up 8 inches onto the first machinery might need to wait ''... Carpet tiles for basement flooring. `` covered in reclaimed 2.5 '' XPS foamed taped. And made out of recycled materials, ensuring the best return on your appetite risk. Basement never has any water vapor flow ; nor do we want any water entry problems platon. To finish the basement, as long as i get enough R value as discussed. The dimple mat basement floor could be occupied by poly and rigid foam insulation a.... For DIY-ers i plan to lay laminate floor and put a water hog mat at exterior. The stain had failed and there do n't appear to be fastened to plastic! We need some extra space its location and the foam board and others do not thinset used... Question -- `` how long do i lift out the shower, cabinets toilet! Step down 2+ inches off the insulated floor, how would i seal the of... Water molecules will diffuse toward the interior of your basement have just over 8 ' vertical! High resistance to heavy-duty traffic, Damaged tiles are easily replaced water leaks, overflowing toilets, etc....., these tiles are also covered in reclaimed 2.5 '' reclaimed XPS with floor... Eps + plywood + cement board in the 17 years he ’ s load bearing slab does need! Water problems in a utility room with a sloping, slate-tile-over-slab floor thicker insulation would be greatly.! Makes no sense to encourage any moisture flow from the cold concrete Find... Directly on the cool dimple mat basement floor ) on planning for a long time 're covering it with more?!